Poh Keong As A Wooden Furniture Manufacturer For United States

An established wooden furniture producer, Poh Keong takes great honor in delivering modern timber furnishings to homes across the United States of America. Come explore the wide range of quality timber furnishings Poh Keong has to offer at an affordable price everyone can enjoy!


Check out Poh Keong's extensive list of dining tables, chairs, benches and pub stools.


Here's our selection of modern coffee tables, end tables, tv cabinets and lots more.


Unique designs of sideboards and buffets to suit any kitchen space.

In-House Wooden Furnishings

A leading producer of wooden furniture, Poh Keong’s beautifully designed carpentry can transform any house into an elegant home! From cozy cottages to luxury mansions, our wooden furniture is inspired by minimalistic designs to fit any home space.

OEM Services for Wooden Furnitures

With our OEM services, you can get the help you need to create your own carpentry. At Poh Keong Industries, we don’t just take pride in being a major wooden furniture manufacturer but also in our OEM services. In fact, if you’ve got a creative design in mind, then Poh Keong can make your dreams come true!

Tax-Free Exports of Manufactured Wooden Furniture To America

No sales tax is imposed – on a company that primarily exports wooden furniture to North America. This means that the pricing of timber furnishings is solely based on rates quoted by Poh Keong Industries. However, this does not coincide with sales tariffs that may be incurred in the U.S.

Three Sources Of Timber In Furniture Manufacturing

RTA (Ready to Assemble) Wooden Furnishings To US

All RTA furniture at Poh Keong comes with self-assembly instructions for easy use. Although commonly found in furniture markets, our unique designs and lightweight furnishings rival other wooden furniture manufacturers. In fact, our RTA furniture can be perfect for home DIY projects.

Wooden Furniture Manufacturer With Sustainable Practices

For years now, Poh Keong has adopted sustainable practices in an effort to preserve the forest for our future. As an international timber furniture manufacturer exporting to the US, Poh Keong ensures that no part of a piece of wood goes to waste. In fact, all materials used in our timber products are sourced ethically and contain minimal amounts of formaldehyde that are considered safe.

Poh Keong Industries In Numbers

With hopes to expand further as a timber furniture manufacturer, Poh Keong currently exports to the United States. In addition to our extensive selection of dining room, kitchen area, and living room furnishings, our numbers speak volumes as a top wooden furniture producer. 


Years of experience exhibiting in the MIFF (Malaysian International Furniture Fair).


Regions importing manufactured wooden furniture from Poh Keong Industries.


And counting of loyal customers that make us a leading wooden furniture manufacturer.


Square feet (sq. ft) of manufacturing facilities producing quality-driven timber furniture.


Sets of wooden furniture has been produced per annum by our team of craftsmen.


Over containers of lumber furnishings exported to the United States every month.


Exceeding A Gross Turnover of $20 Million US Dollars​

Testimonials & Founder's Message

Wooden Furniture Manufacturer Quality Assurance

BSCI Certified​

As a dominant lumber furnishing manufacturer exporting to America, Poh Keong takes great pride in having been awarded the BSCI Certificate.

DPI Process

Carrying out inspections during production of any product is a critical aspect for all wooden furniture manufacturers.

PSI Process

An international timber furnishing manufacturer, Poh Keong strives to provide top quality home furnishings with the best practices. 

Drop Test​

Keeping in mind that structural integrity as a wooden furniture producer is of utmost importance, all Poh Keong timber furnishings are succumbed to a drop test before shipping.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Top questions about Poh Keong Industries

Does Poh Keong comply to the CARB P2 national standard when it comes to manufacturing wooden furniture?

Yes. As a matter of fact, you can rest assured that all MDF materials used in manufacturing wooden furniture at Poh Keong are CARB P2 compliant. In a sense, this means all medium-density boards used in the making of wooden furniture contains small amounts of formaldehyde that is considered safe for people. A leading wooden furniture manufacturer Poh Keong strives to create a brand that is not just quality-driven but that fosters healthy living as well.

Will I be charged sales tax for purchasing wooden furniture from a wholesaler?

While the manufacturing of wooden furniture does come from the heart of Malaysia itself, this tropical nation actually promotes a tax-free exporting regime at which the net pricing is based solely on competitive rates quoted by Poh Keong Industries. This means,  that no sales tax is charged. However, this does not coincide with duties or tariffs imposed by the American legislation on imported timber furnishings. Yet, with currently available references of the HS Code, some of the furniture's (take for example the numerical assigned figure of 9403.60, which represents 'other wooden furniture' assortment, and also 9403.60.40.00 for bent-wood-based furnishings), does not feature any sort of hidden charges involved by the U.S. government's end.

How do I sanitize my wooden furniture?

Since the pandemic, more emphasis has been put on keeping the living space sanitized. In fact, most have come to the realization that it's a good practice to instill in the B2B world. Unlike what most believe wooden furniture can be easily sanitized. Always use a clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth. Never sanitize using rough materials that may cause scratches to form on your wooden furniture. It's best to use spray-on sanitizer that won’t leave a residue to sanitize the wood furniture. Don’t have one on hand? Well, no worries. Simply at 60-90% rubbing isopropyl alcohol to water. And, that’s all there is to creating homemade sanitizer. Now, you can use this solution to wipe down wooden tables, chairs, benches, stools, sideboards, and cabinets with no hassle.

Besides the 3 kinds of available wood, does Poh Keong offer other types of wood?

As leading entity in wooden furniture manufacturing, Poh Keong Industries offers 3 types of wood that can be mixed in furniture manufacturing. Besides that you can always contact us through email to find out more information.

How can I clean my white wooden furniture?

Many of us have shied away from white wooden furniture mainly because of the thought that it’s hard to clean. However, we’ve got just the tip you need to keep your white wooden furniture sparkly clean. You want to start off by wiping down your timber chairs or tables with a damp microfiber cloth. This will remove dust and grime that may be on the wooden furniture. Never allow water to sit on wood, this will lead to breakage or expansion within your wooden furniture. In addition, if your white wooden furniture has any spots or sticky residue, simply add a drop or two on a damp microfiber cloth before cleaning.