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Wooden Kitchen Furniture U.S.

Wooden Kitchen Furniture for Export to the United States

In recent years, there’s been a return to using solid wood to show off the natural splendor of kitchen furniture. In fact, throughout history the cooking space has been known to incorporate a selection of wooden kitchen furniture. For instance, in the past, contemporary buffet cabinet was created by an English designer to serve dishes and food in the dining room. Also known as a sideboard, credenza, cupboard or simply a cabinet, the kitchen buffet has transformed to a multifunctional home furniture. 

At Poh Keong, wooden kitchen furniture is manufactured for every living space. For instance, storage capacity allows the modern buffet cabinet to be placed anywhere from the entryway to the bedroom. With seven varieties of wood to choose from, timber kitchen furnishings can be curated to fit any design space. We craft functional furniture for B2B ventures looking for the best prices. Today, with the revival of timber kitchen furniture, the dining space can be styled with numerous possibilities. Oak wood comes with a light colored grain that is perfect against vintage decorations or, walnut timber with its dark finish will add a touch of grandeur to any kitchen space. 

Kitchen Furniture with Three Wood Types

With so many options, it can be hard to decide on which wood type will best suit your kitchen ideas. However, when deciding on which wooden kitchen furniture to purchase, it is best to review the overall kitchen layout beforehand. Nobody wants to stub their little toe on a cupboard or a table leg. So it’s best to stay away from design ideas that may clutter the dining room or kitchen. 

Next, consider the wood type for your kitchen furniture. Although all timber materials may look the same from the outside, some actually have different hues of brown. In fact, all Poh Keong wooden kitchen furniture can be made from a choice of oak, beech, walnut, rubber wood, MDF, particle board, or sustainable wood. So, depending on the space you have, these wonderful shades of wood can be utilized around any American home to add warmth and grandeur. 

Wood Kitchen Furniture Sustainable Practices

Recyclable and renewable, wood sourced with ethical practices is a more environmentally friendly approach to furniture manufacturing. It is the reason why creating eco-friendly furniture for export to the United States is of great importance to us. A buffet furniture supplier, Poh Keong Industries believes that wood is a priceless commodity that should not be wasted. As a part of our sustainable initiative, all wood scraps left behind from the production line are consistently collected to create MDF and particle boards. 

This is likely the reason why timber is being showcased in modern American kitchen designs. In fact, combining wood with color is a great way to emphasize the natural hues and patterns of timber. Pair any wooden kitchen furniture with accent walls painted emerald green to transform your space into a focal point. This along with our automated craftsmanship is all you’ll need to create the design space for a restaurant, hotel, or office building.

OEM Services for Custom Buffet Cabinets

Unable to find space to store your wedding china? Why not customize your buffet server to fit your specifications with Poh Keong Industries OEM services? The buffet cabinet can be a stylish addition to any dining room or kitchen space.

Commonly made from wood materials, the buffet is a wonderful storage cupboard that can also be used to serve dishes. And since most of us struggle to find a place to store kitchen essentials, cabinets with drawers and shelves may be a good addition to have. If your aim in designing wooden kitchen furniture is to add more storage space, then consider using our OEM services to custom-make your buffet kitchen cabinet. 

Alternative Placements for Kitchen Furniture

Today, the trend of multi-functionalism has extended to wooden kitchen furniture as well. Although sometimes functionality may seem a little cold and distant, our team of designers has ensured to stay true to the wood we source for manufacturing wooden furniture.  Whether painted or unfinished, timber has the ability to create a welcoming space in any North American kitchen.

Versatile,  kitchen furniture can be placed in any part of a home. For instance, the buffet cabinet can be arranged in a restaurant or used as office kitchen furniture. Celebrate the special qualities of wood as a focal point with a kitchen island. Overall, wood furniture works well with natural materials such as granite or marble and stands out against glass or metal. If space-saving ideas are the reasons for your purchase, then go ahead and opt for the buffet cabinet from our kitchen furniture list. 

DIY Buffet Cabinet Ideas for U.S.

Do-it-yourself buffet decor ideas can be a fun project to start this summer. Whether it’s a rustic Tennessee farmhouse or a chic  N.Y. look you’re going for, the buffet kitchen cabinet can be easily transformed with a few creative ideas. Placed in the entryway, the buffet cabinet is a great place to display artwork or pottery. In fact, the buffet cabinet is a functional piece of furniture that can be placed in the living room, dining area, or kitchen. 

For more room storage ideas, consider choosing a kitchen cabinet such as a buffet or a sideboard. With Poh Keong’s RTA feature, all wooden kitchen furniture can be easily assembled with merely a manual and a few directions. 

Plenty of Storage Buffet Cabinets

Running out of places to store your wine collection? Well, there’s always the multifunctional buffet cabinet to the rescue. Speaking of which, with Poh Keong’s OEM services, buffet cabinets can be customized with wine racks. Often used as a piece of furniture to serve food, the buffet cabinet is great for stowing away mason jars and containers. Not to mention the fact that the modern buffet can double up as a free-standing pantry space in the kitchen.

Placed in the corner of the living room the average buffet cabinet can be used as a console table too. In fact, the modern buffet cabinet is clever space-saving furniture for any part of the house. Whether in the kitchen or outdoors the buffet cabinet can be crafted to fit your specifications.

Wooden Sideboard Buffet

The use of natural wood in interior design is a trend that is here to stay! As such, adding wooden kitchen furniture to your dining area may just be what you need to create a warm inviting space. Consider complementing these wooden fixtures with marble countertops and you’ll be surprised by the grandeur.

Decorating small spaces can be hard. Few consider placing wooden furniture in a tight area because it may add a heavy look to the interior. However, if this is the case, simply choose a lighter hue wood such as oak or ash. They add a natural light presence to any space.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a storage cabinet that will also save space, the buffet cabinet is a great choice. Commonly known as a sideboard, designs may vary from the contemporary farmhouse style to the mid-century modern look. In a sense, the average buffet table will suit any interior design style you have in mind.

Oak Veneer Sideboard

Often used in American furniture carpentry, oak wood is a robust, light-colored timber similar to ash wood. Chosen for its tight grains and soft hues,  oak wood is a popular lumber used in creating our wooden kitchen furniture series. In fact, French-style sideboards are a great way to introduce wooden furniture to a kitchen design.

When choosing a contemporary sideboard it is best to pick one that will complement the modern elements of your space. In fact, sideboard cabinets paired with vintage antiques and elegant art deco are sure to jazz up any kitchen area. Whether made from solid oak or MDF, the average buffet cabinet can be placed in the living room behind a sofa for added storage space. 

MDF Sideboard

Today, modern furniture has taken a front-row seat in the American kitchen space. In fact, the MDF board has been a key player in ensuring the sustainable habits of Poh Keong Industries. Often referred to as plywood, MDF board is made by compressing timber scraps such as wood shavings and sawdust. Although most contemporary sideboards are curated with MDF boards, kitchen cabinets can be made with any number of wood types. 

Painted walls or also known as accent walls paired with an oak veneer sideboard can be used as a focal point in the bedroom or kitchen. Furthermore, storage space can be customized with drawers or shelves depending on your preference. Overall, our MDF sideboards can be painted or polished to fit any modern dining room or kitchen space.

Beech Wood Sideboard Buffet

If you’ve got your heart set on a Nordic-themed kitchen space, then the wood will play a crucial element in setting up this space. An elegant choice may be the ever-famous beech wood. Predominantly found in North America, beech wood has been a popular timber choice in kitchen furniture since the 18th century. Used to create sideboards and buffet cabinets, beech wood is light-colored lumber suitable for dark or black fixtures. 

Although the midcentury look is something that most people opt for, consider choosing a more minimalist design. This will help accentuate the natural hues of the ash wood, whilst making the kitchen furniture the star of the room. If you’re looking for a darker finish dining furniture then a great option may be walnut wood. Considered one of the most beautiful natural woods found in nature, the walnut wood sideboard is elegant against a gray painted wall. In fact, a contemporary sideboard cabinet is a timeless piece that can be paired with modern decor ideas. 

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